Pole Choreography

This class is open to all level, you will learn some pole dancing choregraphies, to enchain different mouvements with a aerial and fluid way. The teacher will give you also some advices to perform transitions and you you will learn also which mouvement can be combine to another one.

Masterclass Agenda

Date Time Type of Classe
16/03/13 3pm Chair Dance (all level) Jojo
23/03/13 1pm Pole choreography beginner Jojo
25/03/13 7pm Pole Tease (all level) Jojo
26/03/13 7pm Pole choreography beginner Jojo
27/03/13 7pm Chair Dance (all level) Jojo
28/03/13 7pm Pole choreography intermediate Jojo
29/03/13 6:30pm Sexy Floor Work (all level) Jojo

Masterclass to be done

Soon : New Masterclass

Masterclass already done

Masterclass Valentin's Day : Pole Tease

Pole tease is back but only for one day! As you know, Valentine’s Day is pretty and we have decided to organize a hot pole dance only for you girls!

Come and learn the new choreography with Jojo on Saturday 11th February at 3pm!

No level required, no inversion only dancing.

Duration: 1:30min
Price: 25€/ person
Dress code: Sexy as hell! (Heels are a must!)
Place: limited for 12 persons

Reservation before 10th February at your Flirty Fitness Club or by call on (+351) 691 188 318 or (+352) 661 250 525

Masterclass Valentin's Day : Chair Dancing

Do you want to give a special present to your partner on valentines’ day and you don’t have any idea?

What about a sexy chair dancing for a special night after a romantic dinner with your partner?
That is what Jojo is suggesting you.

Get ready for a hot choreography! Book your place now for the 11th February at 5pm.

Duration: 1:30min
Price: 25€/ person
Dress code : Sexy as hell ! (Heels are a must!)
Place: limited to 20 persons



Reservation before 10th February at your Flirty Fitness Club or by call on (+352) 691 188 318 or (+352) 661 250 525

Workshop Power Pole and Lirical Pole

Workshop Kuduro

We are organizing a special Kuduru Master class for you and everybody are welcome  (Men too)

The workshop takes place at Flirty Fitness on Saturday 19th November at 5pm!

You all probably danced on the song “Danca Kuduro” last summer, and now you can come and learn the real Kuduro dance like it is danced in Africa with an instructor who comes specially for you from Portugal!

100% Fun guaranteed
Date: 19th November
Duration: 1:30 hour

Pize: 25€ and for 5€ more you can take part in our special African dance night the 18th November in Athus(Belgium) Special guest from Portugal!

Please book your place before the end of this week because places are limitated and next week we cannot guarantee you a place for the Master class!

For more information call us on 691188318 or 661250525

What is Kuduro?

Kuduro (or kuduru) is a type of music and dance originally born in Angola in the 1980s. It is characterized as uptempo, energetic, and danceable. Kuduro, which translates as "hard ass", began in Luanda, Angola in the late 80s. Initially, producers sampled traditional carnival music like zouk and soca from the Caribbean and semba from Angola and laid this around a fast 4/4 beat.

The name itself is a word with a specific meaning to location in the Kimbundu language, which is native to the northern portion of Angola. It has double meaning in that it translates to both "hard ass" and/or"stiff bottom". Kuduro dancing is similar to Dancehall dancing of Jamaica. It combines traditional Angolan kilapanga, semba and zouk with Western house and techno.

Masterclass Self Defense

You wish to learn how to protect you from an aggression, how to manage stressant situations and react at the best? We propose an initiation to the self-defense studied specially for the woman during whom you will learn basic techniques to defuse dangerous situations.


Where : Flirty Fitness

When : the Saturday 8th October 2011 from 5:00pm until 7:00 pm

Price : 30€ (15€ for the 1 year suscription)

Masterclass African Dance

Pat proposes to the Flirty Fitness an African afternoon with a complet stage of african dance (Afro Tonic)


Where : Flirty Fitness

When : the Saturday 1st October 2011 from 2:00pm until 4:00 pm

Price : 30€ for the stage (15€ for the 1 year suscription)


After that, Pat proposes new Afro Tonic courses at the Flirty Fitness each saturday from 1:30pm until 3:00pm.


Masterclass - Pole Tease

This Masterclass is designed for women who want to pole dance but without too much of aerial work.

Jojo invites you to come to dance on a sexy and glamorous choreography prepared specially for you!!!

This class addresses at every level, also, no specific knowledge is required.

Date: on Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
The hour: from 1:30 pm till 3:00 pm and from 3:00pm till 4:30pm
Price : 30€ (15€ for 1 year suscription)
Place: Flirty Fitness

Because of a restricted number of bars, the training will be limited to 12 participants. Do not forget to join immediately.


Masterclass Bellydance - special Veil

Exotism and sensuality are back for this new Bellydance Masterclass. To the program, besides new techniques and movements, we shall learn to dance with a veil. An aerial and gracefully choreography will enclose this class.


Date : Saturday 23th July 2011

Time : from 1:30pm until 3:00pm

Where : Flirty Fitness Luxembourg

Price : 20€ (10€ for 1 yearsubscription)


The number of places for this masterclass is limited, thank you for registering you beforehand.